Archive | March, 2013

NYC Adventure #2

31 Mar

I got back from NYC last night to visit my old friend Edward. We walked 23 miles all across Brooklyn. Ate pasta at Patsy’s, pizza at the world famous Grimaldi’s, and wings at our favorite Wingstop.


50/50 Haiku

29 Mar

Always late to work,
Heading to NY Friday,
Anna Kendrick balls.


Always Practice Healthy Eating Habits

28 Mar


Black Milk- Sunday’s Best/Monday’s Worst

28 Mar


Errata Haiku

27 Mar

What a chode, or choad?
What’s it urban dictionary
urbane diktionary?

Pluralistic Ignorance Haiku

26 Mar

I don’t have a clue,
Pluralistic ignorance,
We don’t have a clue.

Chinese Religions Haiku

26 Mar

Ten thousand is here,

Old life ends, new life begins,

Circle, life’s no line.