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31 May

So I have decided on a new feature for my blog. I was watching an interview with J. Cole ( where he was asked about his writing process for his new album, Born Sinner (out June 18th). He said he read a book called, The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron, that said people should write 3 pages nonstop as the first thing they do when they wake up to stay creative, improve one’s writing, and get out of writers block. I decided to try this out (before I went to bed) and I found it quite therapeutic and surprisingly hard even though I was writing in my 5×7 inch notebook. I intend to do this everyday and post the results though I do admit I might slip up every now and then or all the time regardless of how busy I am.

I call this new feature: Dear Diary. I chose to call it this because these are basically diary entries, and one of my favorite songs of all time is Masta Ace’s “Dear Diary” ( Masta Ace was in his mid 30’s and hadn’t dropped an album in 6 years (Sittin’ on Chrome in 1995), he was basically out of the limelight and still is and is often regarded as one of the most underrated MCs of all time. His song , “Dear Diary”, embraced that, he write from the perspective of his diary who knows everything about him and is telling him to hang up the mice for good. I had and still have never heard any other song like it before and it has always stuck with me, and I always loved how the song’s title perfectly encapsulated the essence of the song.

Lyrics for “Dear Diary”:


Dear Diary: 1AM In Arlington (How do you write an eulogy…)

31 May


How do you write an eulogy how do you sum up a persons life into a few words a couple of sounds brought together and assigned meaning by through a collective conscious, got to write stuff for my fucking blog. Makin up bullshit, can’t tell if it’s that or if its’ really organic. King I thedivine on repeat beats are smooth but honestly other than this new shit I never really paid attention to this his new shit. A stop a stutter but I still gotto fill up 3 pages Thinking about the wordamerica or is it America why are things capitalized? Elitest bullshit. Philosophical Gangster with violent priors got the world under my belt the stage under feet, the you in the palm hand. Says the lion to the sheep Shouldn’t it be a wolf or should the sheep be a gazelle. Types B’s are ppl who do their thing, Type A’s are ppl who see ppl behind them and think they are winning but in reality theyare just about to be lapped. WAS it worth it? was it worth sinnin’? was it worth the end? Never take advice, invest in yourself ppl give you advice and you succeed-> cool, ppl give you advice + you lose -> you learn a lesson. learn from your mistakes be comfortable w/ your failure. Plus the more voices in your hed makes shit hella hectic. Got pull your own out of the catbag. Or in the cat in that hat the hat.Saw Dr Seuss’ book covers with their morals written on them in place of their titles. FF6 was terrible. Its’ 5/30/13/ at 1:04 Am on a thursday. I should name this post Am 1:04 AM in Arlington. Like Drake did + like everyone did after they rode that beat. I guess thats’ how you write a eulogy You just write whatever comes to mind and do your best the to encapsulate whomever/whatever’s essence/existence. A Humanistic Existensialist, I think I’m that not completely cuz I don’t subscribe to that labeling ignorance nonsense. 3 pages is a lot especially the big pape but this is just a small journal pages. Watched a J Cole interview, talked about how he read a book called _______________ that said to write 3 pages of stream of conscious as the first thing when you wake up every morning to get your creativity flowing/going.


Student VS Finals

10 May

A friend of mine made this, I thought it was very well made so I decided to share it with y’all.

Last Leg

10 May


The four walls looking mighty beautiful,

With the world coming to an end,

Don’t enter the den if you can’t fend off the lion.


The clock keeps ticking but you ain’t ready.

It doesn’t care.

Thats its job, to not care

Keeps doing what its doing

Keep doing what you’re doing

Thats your job.


Intersection turned center of collision

Colossal conflict meets devastating ends

Eaten alive from the inside out

Prison guards settling

Turn the world inside out

Guts wrenching in the sunlight

Rainy days leave them inverted

Darkness prevails

Gold everywhere

But lone child isolated

The nature of the beast is vicious.


Walls closing in, will they snap on contact?

Open up to new realms

Or, crush the dream of the one legged?


4 May


The thread of humanity,

Never wrong nor right,

Just beautiful,

Divergent thought,


Rethinking what one thinks.

Effortlessly, cathartically,

Strums the pain away,

Sighs of relief,

Flames are burning,

Desire is challenge,

Music is the expressway,

Leaving negativity by the wayside.

2013 America

3 May

America suffers from little man syndrome,
It’s not humane,
It’s time to stop being the little brother,
Not big brother, but older brother,
Don’t operate from fear, but from love,
Build bridges, not walls with our neighbors.

Fuck society,
Fuck constructs, and construct,
Build and invest, not buy in excess,
No more with a call to arms,
How about a call to the soul,
No more coddling, but trust another.

Guns are to maintain the peace,
The words of Australia are violence,
Comedians tell the truth,
The anchors lie,
The banks steal,
The people fall victim,
One size does not fit all,
All does fit in one,
The government gets payed to lie,
The people lie to get payed,
The country is at its end,
The country is at its beginning.

Countries, nations, states,
Blacks, whites, browns,
Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians,

When I Was Thirteen I Had Dreams

3 May

I wanna teach,
I wanna design schools,
I wanna get a van and just go,
I wanna walk from Dallas to NYC,
I wanna skydive,
I wanna travel by sea in cardboard box,
I wanna do everything,
I wanna live.