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13 Jan

Tension of current state and the desired world
past and present to the future
society moves in cycles of rebellion
challenge of learning a new dimension.
Classes about everything except classism.
Marx proved the struggle was real,
So we moved like Dada
We kept it dense so we could touch the few.

Third eye open
indigo everywhere
where happiness lives
bread is for everyone
everything is yellow
everything is blue
red is seldom seen
departure of violence.

We’ll wake up in the morning
see that we had been dreaming.
On cold cloudy rainy nights,
frustrations settles in
The idea will chill our spines.


Eskom Haiku

13 Jan

The tunnel is blocked,
blocked from other perspectives.
Common ground has crumbled.


12 Jan

Somewhere urban
somewhere foreign
we lay there starin’
the stars are shimmerin’.
We’ll shoot past them,
if we fail we’ll settle with the fortune.

Let’s get taken
summer sun is blarin’
Flower shop at the train station
they’re in the reunion occupation.

Manifesto (Boundless)

11 Jan

“Dev, where you headed?”
“Backpacking across Europe,
sleeping on comrades’ couches,
organizing demonstrations,
giving speeches at a college near you.”
Every moment is golden
so we’re snapping and chatting.
We hold onto our emotions,
at least long enough to find the logic behind ’em.
Don’t know where I’m going.
We’ll all know when I’m there,
you’ll feel it… you’ll see it in my eyes.
Only means, I’ll never be ended.

A client asked me how to do it like I was doing it
She said I was so liberated, independent and cultivated
“I told her it’s all about good company,
good environment.
Put a team on it and go anywhere.”

Fumbling down the hopeless abyss
Nothing there except darkness and bliss.

They chose form over function
and asked why they were in that situation.
They stole my smile
I won’t stop until I get it back.
They’re talking that nonsense
like I wasn’t there,
like I didn’t do it when no one did it.
I did that shit with no help given.
I could do it again.
My grandma said, “You blessed,
praise God.”
I never believed in that

Go go gadget ,
let’s get at it again.
Yea I know it’s been done this way forever,
I studied it all and I got something to say about it.
Give me power,
I’ll do it like it’s never been done before.
Contrary to popular opinion,
we could forever do it better.
For everything I do,
I splatter my blood on a blank canvas.

We deal with concepts
they stole our words
they fixating on perturbing them.
The rhetoric has been there.
Armed with knowledge,
just give us a month,
we’ll flip our weaknesses into bests.
We’re all cut from the same cloth
we’re just seeing different patterns,
They called Obama a soldier.
He’ll never be one of us.
We’re the MVPs of controversy.
They played us out like zombies,
they armed the masses
with wielded fallacies,
they told them we were raising hell.
We’re just raising the “bad” up to the “good,”
much like Anger with Lucifer.
We’re in this forever.

We’re in this forever.
We own the building.
We own the block.
You ran this town.
We run this town.
When we’re your age we’ll own the night.
You can’t catch up with the movement,
we’re only jogging, forever never sweating.
So you just keep on talking that talk,
we’ll keep on walking that walk.
Guided by the sun,
we’ll see how far it takes us.

Throwing rocks at the throne,
never throw the stone and hide your hand,
Jay taught me that.
Save the hollow compliments and fake smiles,
there’ll be a time when we can fill them up.
The weak put others down,
the strong give them a little pick me up.

Dear Diary (Daydreaming)

11 Jan

You did it once
they scrapped it up
they told you would never be shit.
You did it once, you could do it again.
If its not you,
then who would it be?
It’s all hot garbage,
if you give up now,
thats all life will be handing you.

Top 8% economically
less than 1% personality
what could they tell ya?
They never met anybody like ya?
They’re just for self-hatin’.

When they tap into your thoughts,
they all holla out
“You a genius dawg!”
Just shrug it off
keep your head on
keep on scrappin
every now and then
when they’re overlookin’ you
yell out at them,
remind them who they’re talking to.
-Sincerely, your diary.


Mystery Haiku

3 Oct

Mystery Haiku



2 Oct