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Dear Diary (Daydreaming)

11 Jan

You did it once
they scrapped it up
they told you would never be shit.
You did it once, you could do it again.
If its not you,
then who would it be?
It’s all hot garbage,
if you give up now,
thats all life will be handing you.

Top 8% economically
less than 1% personality
what could they tell ya?
They never met anybody like ya?
They’re just for self-hatin’.

When they tap into your thoughts,
they all holla out
“You a genius dawg!”
Just shrug it off
keep your head on
keep on scrappin
every now and then
when they’re overlookin’ you
yell out at them,
remind them who they’re talking to.
-Sincerely, your diary.


Dear Diary: Stream of Consciousness Yeezus Poetry

15 Jun

Close your eyes
Imagine that court with Iverson,
Those crosses, and points by the pint
That’s like moi with the rhymes.
She turned 18, I hit it that night.
Oh that rape culture strong with guy
But I’m just a product of my environment.
Rapes and homicides and dishonesty on television;
Indifference and cheers with the audiences.
We hoppin’ fences just to get to this
Well I’m scared of this, I’m not scared to say it, I’m scared of this.
Trash can filled with society’s bullshit
Bucket of mediocrity
Tryna change shit
They patronize it
The patronize you
They expecting you to talk that patrón shit
Well we expectin’ excellence
And we gon get it
Well we expectin’ perfection
What we expectin’ is dangerous
What we expectin’ is trouble
So question is are you ready,
For ain’t goin’ steady,
For ain’t lyin’ no more
We ain’t prayin no more
We takin’ matters in our own hands, words straight to the core.
Jaws are floor-ed,
Disappointment rampant
But I say that like they never been!
They always were.
They always will be.
Let’s shock the world together.
Let’s bow down to no man.
Let’s do away with violence.
Let’s do away with dishonesty.
Let’s do away with this ignorant shit.
Let’s bring on this calamity.
The floors are randy with this texture,
So much character,
So much depth,
Can’t control me,
Don’t destroy me.
Screams are heard:
Laughter or massacre?
Who gives a fuck?
Let’s run away forever
Let’s get that Lambo
Let’s get on top of the world
Ants’ actions too ambiguous to be decisive,
Leave them hangin’
Blood on the leaves,
Can’t read the tea leaves
Can’t steep, drink that new world water.

Dear Diary: Poetry at 2:?? AM

12 Jun

How come every rapper keeps telling me how much money they have in their bank account,

How come every r&b singer is telling me about how much they drank last night,

How come every country singer is telling me about that one that got away,

How come every time I turn on the radio in the morning they discuss a bunch of non-issues and in the afternoon a bunch of fallacies are dropped via melody,

How come they ask for money but don’t tell me how it’s being spent,

Guilt tripping me to get a check to help out some cause when a bigger one is sitting right next to it,

How come the king of kings and queen of queens take time off from change to promise change is coming and when it doesn’t come they make the same hollow promise and fail on yet another occasion,

Vicious circles of despair relying on each pawn to relay back a bunch of fallacies via oration and stubbed action,

Echoes of wilderness in times of sinister detriment allow the world to revolve in place, idle chaos, keep the sane at bay and the insane grounded in place.

6/1/13/11-04-11–22 (Kayle Mcgeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee)

1 Jun

She’s cute so she could pull it off. Just woke up, So I’m writing my 3 pages. I’m really tired, I’m Writing differently than I usually do and I guess me being tired is the reason why. I also forgot to put music on but it’s too late now. Last time I played “The Secret Message” by King I Divine or at least that’s what I thing think his name is. Right now I have my alarm stuck in my head. It’s the inslsrume instrumental of “Mighty Healthy” by Ghostface Killah. I always loved that beat produced by RZA, I specially love the ‘Hey’ sample and I’m glad Kanye has used it a lot lately. i just wish more ppl understood where the sample came from I don’t know the original source, but I that “Mighty Healthy” is when Hip Hop originally sampled it. A lot of ppl don’t feel the need to learn the history of things. i don’t know why that is. I guess its just ignorance. One of my friends said my blog was shit. Next time I see him I shall slap him in the face and spit all over him. His name is Kuyle Mcgeekendy and he lives at _______________ his phone number is ____________________. Y’all should send him hate mail Maybe ricin too, but not if it part of feud w/ some other person, some random. It should genuine, only send it if you are genuinely feuding with Koyle Mcgehandycap. He is such a chode. I had have a Godfather poster in my room it’s still not hung up, its just leaned against one of my walls. It says the “The Don” at the bottom w/ Marlon Brando holding his cat at the top. I put a picture of my face over Brando’s, it fit perfectly. IO I only did that because I found the pic and didn’t know what to do with it. It’s from that time in senior year of high school when I had a dodgeball team named after me. They named it after me as a testament to my perfection when it came to everything. Someone else’s words, not mine, H it should be in quotations but I lied sothats why its not. It’s a good thing this is my last sentence cuz I really need to brush my teeth. This is more coherent than my last.


31 May

So I have decided on a new feature for my blog. I was watching an interview with J. Cole ( where he was asked about his writing process for his new album, Born Sinner (out June 18th). He said he read a book called, The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron, that said people should write 3 pages nonstop as the first thing they do when they wake up to stay creative, improve one’s writing, and get out of writers block. I decided to try this out (before I went to bed) and I found it quite therapeutic and surprisingly hard even though I was writing in my 5×7 inch notebook. I intend to do this everyday and post the results though I do admit I might slip up every now and then or all the time regardless of how busy I am.

I call this new feature: Dear Diary. I chose to call it this because these are basically diary entries, and one of my favorite songs of all time is Masta Ace’s “Dear Diary” ( Masta Ace was in his mid 30’s and hadn’t dropped an album in 6 years (Sittin’ on Chrome in 1995), he was basically out of the limelight and still is and is often regarded as one of the most underrated MCs of all time. His song , “Dear Diary”, embraced that, he write from the perspective of his diary who knows everything about him and is telling him to hang up the mice for good. I had and still have never heard any other song like it before and it has always stuck with me, and I always loved how the song’s title perfectly encapsulated the essence of the song.

Lyrics for “Dear Diary”:

Dear Diary: 1AM In Arlington (How do you write an eulogy…)

31 May


How do you write an eulogy how do you sum up a persons life into a few words a couple of sounds brought together and assigned meaning by through a collective conscious, got to write stuff for my fucking blog. Makin up bullshit, can’t tell if it’s that or if its’ really organic. King I thedivine on repeat beats are smooth but honestly other than this new shit I never really paid attention to this his new shit. A stop a stutter but I still gotto fill up 3 pages Thinking about the wordamerica or is it America why are things capitalized? Elitest bullshit. Philosophical Gangster with violent priors got the world under my belt the stage under feet, the you in the palm hand. Says the lion to the sheep Shouldn’t it be a wolf or should the sheep be a gazelle. Types B’s are ppl who do their thing, Type A’s are ppl who see ppl behind them and think they are winning but in reality theyare just about to be lapped. WAS it worth it? was it worth sinnin’? was it worth the end? Never take advice, invest in yourself ppl give you advice and you succeed-> cool, ppl give you advice + you lose -> you learn a lesson. learn from your mistakes be comfortable w/ your failure. Plus the more voices in your hed makes shit hella hectic. Got pull your own out of the catbag. Or in the cat in that hat the hat.Saw Dr Seuss’ book covers with their morals written on them in place of their titles. FF6 was terrible. Its’ 5/30/13/ at 1:04 Am on a thursday. I should name this post Am 1:04 AM in Arlington. Like Drake did + like everyone did after they rode that beat. I guess thats’ how you write a eulogy You just write whatever comes to mind and do your best the to encapsulate whomever/whatever’s essence/existence. A Humanistic Existensialist, I think I’m that not completely cuz I don’t subscribe to that labeling ignorance nonsense. 3 pages is a lot especially the big pape but this is just a small journal pages. Watched a J Cole interview, talked about how he read a book called _______________ that said to write 3 pages of stream of conscious as the first thing when you wake up every morning to get your creativity flowing/going.